Giacomo Giordano

Giacomo Giordano


My name is Giacomo Giordano, I am a 30 year old Italian farmer living on the Island Fehmarn in Northern Germany. My mission is to evolve the agricultural practice of today in Europe as well as the LEDCs. Merging theory of Permaculture, Regenerative ag, Agroforestry holistic management, which I believe, shares the same core value of “care for our Common Home”.

Having a background in the wine industry being attentive has always been a great part of my being. In the same way that pasta is different from noodles even though both are made of flour and water, any agricultural product is unique. The one single “ingredient” that changes up everything is attention. Thus, attention, compassion and devotion for the greater good of humanity is what drives me profoundly.

Agriculture is the KEY industry to solve many crises humanity is facing in this new century: climate change, soil degradation, lack of food technologies in developing countries which leads to famine and hunger, gender inequality, poor water management. Our actions today are the chance to change those challenges and make it an opportunity.

So with the Farm of Francesco, we came up with a bright idea to deal with those problems, by building a network of demo-farm we want to change the face of the Food System of today! Will you help us?

Let’s get our heads together and make the earth a better place!