Gina Pattisson

Gina Pattisson


Following her fast track management traineeship at Unilever, for the last 25 years, Gina has worked at the sweet-spot of purpose and profit; driving income, influence and impact growth for environmental and social causes. She is passionate about the wellbeing of people and planet and has spearheaded large and small transformational initiatives. Gina has held leadership positions at a diverse range of organisations including Oxfam International, Farm Africa and Oxford University. She co-founded Soil Heroes in 2019.

The Soil Carbon Market; A Haybale Chat With Soil Heroes

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The soil carbon market is developing fast and for many farmers it feels like the Wild West. Agreements are complex, prices are changing and sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re signing up for. We understand. Join Soil Heroes for a haybale chat to share your views and hear how we’re working with farmers to […]

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