Glyn Mitchell

Glyn Mitchell


Glyn got his hands into soil at a very early age, as grandson of a decorated soil engineer Norman Glynn MBE who worked with Sir Albert Howard on organic systems in the colonies.
In 2015 Glyn got involved with Dr. Elaine Ingham of The Soil Food Web fame, forming The Credible Food Project (Charity) dedicated to supporting soil-regeneration strategists, carbon farmers and the Soil Food Web school. Glyn continues his own interest in teaching soil health at schools and working with farmers trying to balance the living soil with crops’ needs, to improve ecosystem services, farm profits and biosecurity.

Microbes and Minerals

Old Dairy

Forget high tech equipment, expensive fertilisers and specialist seed selection. On a back to basics approach Jennifer and Glyn are convinced we are missing a trick for our soil. Jennifer outlines her 15 years’ of adding UK’s own ancient MINERAL (full suite of 17) rich freshly crushed, finely screened volcanic rock dust to soil. Glyn […]