Harry Farnsworth

Harry Farnsworth


Harry joined Control Union (a leading international certification body) in early 2020 to lead the launch and ongoing running of their regenerative agriculture initiative – regenagri. Regenagri is a membership scheme to support farms transitioning to and using holistic farming techniques. It offers a complete solution for the monitoring of regenerative practices and monetizing of environmentally minded farming, as well as certification against the regenagri standard criteria.

With a background in the food and beverage industry, Harry completed a Masters degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security from the Royal Agricultural University, where his research there was centred on regenerative agriculture. Harry also hosts the popular regenagri podcast and sits on several regenerative agriculture working groups.

Releasing Additional Income from Regenerative Farming

NIAB Seminar Tent

How can farmers profit from the natural capital that they are creating through regenerative methods? The Green Finance market holds a wide range of additional funding sources for farmers who are using regenerative methods to improve the environment on their land. In this talk Harry Farnsworth from regenagri will demystify the range of routes there […]