Harry Winslet

Harry Winslet


Harry is Future Farming Manager at Cambs Farms Growers. Having grown up in Central London, Harry has taken learnings from a biology degree that included a focus on the sustainable use of water in crop production and a masters degree looking at the environmental effects on the spread of viruses to bring a novel approach to vegetable growing. Since entering the industry in 2018, Harry has guided Cambs Farms Growers on their own regenerative journey, aligning himself with industry pioneers and academics to bring a biological focus to vegetable growing in the fens.

Opportunities For Regenerative Agriculture in Field Scale Vegetable Production

Discussion Tent

The complexities of land preparation that exist in field scale production of vegetables has meant that to date, cereal and livestock production has been front and centre of the regenerative movement. However, a range of growers from across the UK have come together on this panel to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges that […]