Helen Chesshire

Helen Chesshire


Helen Chesshire is a senior advisor for the Woodland Trust, responsible for working with the farming sector to promote the benefits of trees on farms.

Otherwise known as Agroforestry, the deliberate integration of trees within agricultural crops and livestock is a win–win for food production and the natural environment.  The Woodland Trust can provide advice and support to farmers interested in agroforestry.  Helen grew up on a mixed farm in the Midlands.

Agroforestry – a win win for farming and the environment

Soil Tent

Find out how agroforesty can improve the sustainability of your business whilst delivering an array of public goods. Read more about it here


Agroforestry – your questions answered!

Agricology Discussion Tent

Thinking about agroforestry on your farm? Come along to this informal session around the strawbales to ask questions and get guidance from the researchers and farmers making it work on arable and livestock systems. Jo Smith, ORC; Helen Cheshire, Woodland Trust, Stuart Holm, Woodland Trust