Henrietta Inman

Henrietta Inman


Henrietta Inman is a cook, baker, author and founder of Wakelyns Bakery, a 100% UK wholegrain bakery based at Wakelyns Organic Agroforestry farm in Suffolk, from where the majority of the grain and other ingredients used in the bakery are sourced. She grew up nearby, understanding the importance of local and seasonal food from a young age. After training as a pastry chef in London, she then went onto working in every section of the kitchen, from the sweet to the savoury, and now, bread. As an agroecological food business, one of the bakery’s key aims is to enable more grain and other food grown agroecologically accessible to more people.

From experience and embodiment in her work, she believes in the boundless, holistic power of real bread, a metaphor for our whole food system, for social change.

Rise of Real Bread

Speaker's Corner

Join us for an all female line-up of bakers and heritage grain-growers taking real bread to the masses, and getting more diversity into our bread and our guts. Hear how they’re using local, regeneratively grown grains to produce food that nourishes their community. As more bakers and food citizens get behind the new grains movement […]