Henry Astor

Henry Astor


Henry Astor runs a mixed arable and livestock farm in the North East Cotswolds with a main focus on integrating biodiversity with sustainable farming practices. The Bruern Estate is transitioning from conventional cropping to growing heritage grains using restorative and regenerative methods. Henry is a co-director of The Heritage Grain Trust and is working with John Letts to develop new populations of heritage grain populations and products in the UK and the EU.


Heritage Grains Workshop & Walk to #OurField

Discussion Tent

We must draw ‘lessons from the past’ in order to improve the yield, resilience and sustainability of modern grain production. Medieval-style ‘populations’ of cereals are genetically diverse and therefore resilient and able to adapt to climate change, and they can be grown in low input conditions using ‘restorative’ methods that sequester carbon, increase biodiversity, and […]

Demonstration Seminar Workshop