Hugh Somerleyton DL

Hugh Somerleyton DL


Owner Somerleyton Estate, North Suffolk. Creator of successful brands Dish Dash, Hot Chip, regenerative farmer, rewilder and conservationist. Trail runner, wild swimmer and agitator for change. WildEast Foundation created to make decisive impact across the WildEast region to re-educate, restore and reconnect people and nature to ensure sustainable abundance and greener lives. President of North Suffolk NSPCC, Lowestoft Lifeboat, Lowestoft Scouts.

WildEast – A Regional Scale Cross Sector Nature Recovery Alliance

Speaker's Corner

WildEast is a first attempt in Britain of a regional scale multi sector alliance. Conceived by three recovering degenerative farmers, the ambitious scale reflects the ‘nature need’ and the size of the task; a task that must involve every one and every sector and a reset of the architecture of entire farming and food economy […]