Hugo Spowers

Hugo Spowers


I have had a lifelong interest in the environment but the lure of motor racing got the better of me in my teens, both designing and driving racing cars.  I studied engineering and ran a business for 15 years designing new racing cars and restoring old ones.  I got out for environmental reasons and wrote a feasibility study on commercial introduction of hydrogen cars during an MBA at Cranfield in 1999 then set up Riversimple, on the basis that a step change in automotive technology is both essential and possible.  A short production run of the Rasa, as in Tabula Rasa, is being trialled in Wales and we are currently raising funds to establish our first plant for volume production.

Cars That Won’t Cost the Earth – Making Sustainability Profitable

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Riversimple is a sustainable car company based in Wales, developing lightweight hydrogen fuel cell cars – affordable, highly efficient and fun to drive with a 300 mile range – along with the strategies necessary for bringing them to market.  Riversimple is adopting an entirely circular ‘usership’ model, Vehicle as a Service; this business model aligns the interests […]