Hugo Stewart

Hugo Stewart


Hugo Stewart is a third generation pig farmer turned wine-maker. Hugo’s first foray in wine was co-owning Les Clos Perdus, an esteemed biodynamic domaine in Corbieres, with Hugo responsible for farming their plots of old vines. Returning back to Wiltshire for his family in 2015, Hugo was confident that the windswept chalk soils of the family farm could make great vineyards, deciding to plant a handful of traditional Champagne varietals. Seven years on and with the help of winemaker Dan Ham, Domaine Hugo is a shining example of how the future of wine should look in the UK: Hugo’s attention to detail in the vineyards and Daniel’s commitment to terroir driven wines are a special combination.

From Ground to Grape to Glass

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Regenerative viticulture is about achieving balance in the vineyard and ecosystem – but the business also needs to balanced, and it’s critical to have a market for the grapes. This is a conversation with regenerative wine growers, producers, and traders – from ground to grape to grass.