Ian Boyd

Ian Boyd


Ian Boyd is a Cotswold Hill Farmer passionate about the Farmland Wildlife.

As a former arable farmer, he soon came to realise that to see the wildlife, there has to be a thriving insect population which is in turn dependent on having healthy soils which was a problem with conventional arable. So began a journey to improve his soils with Organic herbal leys, mob-grazed with a suckler herd of Herefords. Whereas he used to measure the soils P&K indexes, he now looks for soil structure and biological activity.


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Hear from farmers Chris, Fred, Fidelity and Ian who are all using soil health as a guide as they experiment and discover what works best for their farm. They have been using simple soil tests combined with the Sectormentor for Soils app to learn and assess how healthy their soil is.  Whether you want to […]