Ian Horsley

Ian Horsley


Ian is a first generation sheep and beef farmer from the Malvern Hills. Running Garton Hardy Farming with his wife as part of Baston Hall, a small diversified regenerative farming estate. Transitioning over eight years from “modern/best practice” conventional 100% sheep farming, with a pedigree performance recorded flock, to a regenerative AMP approach with 80% cattle, 20% sheep; focussing on improving soil health, biodiversity, and 100% pasture fed meat. Achieved using Aberdeen-Angus cattle bred for easy calving, rumen capacity, the ability to carry a calf over winter on pasture/hay alone, and a small native breed flock of sheep. Ian has been mob grazing sheep and/or cattle for over five years, and has out-wintered cattle for two years with only 30-60 days inside using ‘bale pods’. He is a regular speaker/host at Pasture for Life meetings and webinars.

Bale Grazing – Lessons From Our Field Lab

Discussion Tent

Six Pasture for Life member farms have come together in an Innovative Farmers Field Lab to undertake a four year study to explore the impacts of bale grazing on soil and forage. In this session we will hear from three of the field lab farmers who have been implementing bale grazing as an outwintering strategy […]