Ian O’Reilly & Emma Robinson

Ian O’Reilly & Emma Robinson


Ian O’Reilly and Emma Robinson are livestock farmers who run Gazegill Organics, an award-winning, family-run farm in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire. Their farming stance is balanced with nature and they have a real passion for organic natural farming, The farm has a number of traditional and indigenous breeds which better suit their low input, low impact attitude to agriculture. Their dairy herd of Old English Shorthorns are the cow that would have been the mainstay of the UK dairy herd up until the late fifties and early sixties when continental high yielders took their place, the shorthorn is a smaller dairy cow with a natural ability to turn average feed into beautiful creamy milk. Likewise their pig herd is a traditional favourite, the Oxford Sandy and Black is naturally placid, great to work with and a versatile porker and baconer. Their sheep are a mixed bunch but their main flock are the Hampshire Downs, a breed that produce a strong lamb which in early spring are up and doing well whatever the weather.

Grounds For Optimism – ‘Build on What’s Strong, Not What’s Wrong’

Speaker's Corner

We are all aware of the challenges facing UK farming – price pressures and responding to climate and nature emergencies. But what excites you in farming at the moment? And how can we do more of ‘the good stuff’? Come along to share your stories and hear from others about what has been working well […]