Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson


I have been working in Agriculture since 1996. Initially in intensive fresh produce which highlighted the fact that a lot of the issues we found with production and quality were of our own making. This lead me to form Sustainable Soil Management; an independent soil testing and advisory business covering all aspects of farming. The biggest drive is to increase the soils contribution to our farming systems allowing for more sustainable and profitable farming. I work across all sectors and throughout Europe. I believe that there is no silver bullet; we must be a broad church, allowing for the best use of all the different strategies and knowledge to create a farming system best suited to your own land.

Linking soil health to output

Old Dairy

The discussion is about looking at detailed soil chemical tests, organic matter and active carbon tests (indication of microbial activity) and how these 3 parameters influence soil nutrient cycling. Working through on farm experience  of linking these to biomass measurements to meet peak demand of cereal crops. More soil life can mean more yield however […]