Igor Vaintraub

Igor Vaintraub


Igor’s vision is to convert the food waste created by the built environment into renewable nutrients in situ to sell for soil stock enrichment.
To date, food waste has only been processed into biogas at high temperatures, or sent to landfill, making nutrient recycling industrially unviable. Simply relying on the food waste management status quo, rather than shifting fundamentally to a new paradigm, is a doomed strategy. Traditional composting or equivalent systems can be problematic, creating odours, attracting vermin, flies and wild life (birds, foxes, insects) and are off-putting and unhygienic.
Unlike conventional schemes, Igor’s focus is to  take a more active role looking at affordable solutions that are more environmentally sustainable.

The Food Waste Farmer

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All-in-one solution to transform renewables into nature based soil management system.