India Hamilton

India Hamilton


India has 14 years experience in food systems, engaging in systems innovation in multiple countries. Her passion for impactful work has led me to support various startups in from food system shops, cultural events, restaurants, biotechnology. Currently, she is working on food system transformation on the Island of Jersey, backed by the Adam Smith Business School Scholarship for Postgraduate Research in Management at the University of Glasgow. India runs HYPHA Consulting, a regenerative consultancy committed to pioneering sustainable futures within the rural economy and food system.

More than a By-Product: Reviving British Markets for British Wool

Soil Tent

How do we move from a position where wool is considered a by-product (or even a waste product) of the meat industry to one where it is valued as a co-product or crop? What changes need to be made in the current system and infrastructure to create a buoyant market for wool in the UK? […]