India Hamilton

India Hamilton


Co-founder of SCOOP, The Sustainable Food Cooperative on the Island of Jersey, working to support marginalised, ecologically focused farming. India has worked in food businesses since 2012 after training as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu. She has an MA in Food and Development from the Institute of Development Studies. She was a director of an award-winning catering and social arts organisation for 3 years where she fed over 26,000 people and went onto consulting on a regenerative food systems business in Hyderabad, India. She is currently working on her PhD at the University of Glasgow focusing on sustainability within food systems. She has recently co-founded the community group, Jersey Food Systems Lab. She is a NED for Really Regenerative Centre. She is a regular author for

Are You Ready To Fully Embrace What It Means To Be Regenerative?

Speaker's Corner

Regenerative agriculture is about so much more than what you do with your soil – that is just the beginning. This panel discussion asks what regenerative really means beyond farming practices and explores how farmers, producers, brands and businesses can adopt a truly regenerative mindset – an approach to healing people and the land.