India Hamilton

India Hamilton


India Hamilton has worked in food businesses since 2012 after training as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. She has an MA in Food and Development & was a director of an award winning social arts food business that took her to Hyderabad and London. She researches the dynamics of food system transformation in Jersey. She has co-founded the community groups, SCOOP and Jersey Food Systems Lab. She is a founder of Hypha Consulting Ltd using living system theory in a business context. She assists with strategic rural policy in Jersey.

Fashion is Agriculture: Field, Farm & Fashion/ Wool

Speaker's Corner

A discussion on the opportunities for integrating fully traceable breed specific British wool into a diverse farming landscape. Highlighting the possibilities for regenerative farming principles to be carried from field to fabric; emphasising fully traceable supply chains that focus on empowering the farmers, makers and users through re-educating and reconnecting the material journey. By showcasing […]