Jackie Stroud

Jackie Stroud


Dr Jackie Stroud is an agricultural soil scientist based at Rothamsted Research, England.

She studied Environmental Geology at RHUL, (Royal Holloway, University of London), then soil science – specialising in soil pollution at Lancaster University.  This was followed by postdocs at Rothamsted Research in fertiliser use to improve crop quality, and the University of New South Wales, Australia, to remediate acid sulfate soils.  Jackie leads the co-created farmland earthworm survey (#WorldWormWeek) which is a publicly funded research initiative through the NERC Soil Security Programme (2016 – 2019, Ploughing on Regardless?).

How to check soil health and knowing where to stop

Soil Tent

There is no agreed definition of soil health, but there are many useful indicators of how healthy a soil is. This jointly-presented seminar will go over some of the indicators by Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF), including not only laboratory tests and identification of deficiencies, but also potential toxicities and essential field assessments. The importance of […]