James Hares

James Hares


My Dad and I farm 130ha of mixed organic land in North Wiltshire. Our soil is mostly heavy clay soils with a small amount of brash. We typically use a 6 year rotation with 3 years grass ley, wheat, wheat/bean intercrop, and Oats. We also finish approx 70 head a year of cattle and are members of meadow quality.

How To Team Up Plants: A Farmer-to-Farmer Surgery On Intercropping

NIAB Seminar Tent

After years of on-farm research, even modest calculations are showing that intercropping has the potential to revolutionise the UK’s arable farms . Around for centuries, the practice has recently seen a resurgence as many are recognising the benefits like land efficiency, yield increases and reduced weed and pest pressure . Join a panel of farmers […]