Jan Feersma Hoekstra

Jan Feersma Hoekstra


Jan Feersma Hoekstra is a director of Agriton – a company with a social mission that aims to make agriculture and horticulture more sustainable. Agriton specialises in solutions that increase soil fertility, making extensive use of microbiology (bacteria, yeasts and fungi).

Feersma Hoekstra studied at primary, secondary and higher agricultural schools and has an enormous passion for agriculture. With more than 40 years of experience in his field, he has mastered various disciplines in detail, including plant physiology, microbiology, (sustainable) arable farming and livestock farming.

Jan has the unique gift that he can translate scientific theories and abstract concepts into concrete solutions that benefit farmers and citizens in practice.

Jan Feersma Hoekstra’s international profile also makes him a beloved speaker on a global level. Jan has lived in England for 10 years and travels around the world in business terms (North America, South America, Europe, Asia), giving him many inspiring examples of agricultural practices worldwide.

His great passion is to ensure that the cycle of “soil-plant-animal-fertiliser” becomes better attuned. This would ensure food security, solve many social problems and help farmers to have a healthy future.

Expertise: Crop production, Arable farming, Soil fertility, Soil management, Livestock farming, general agriculture, Organic farming, Dairy farming, Maize, Fodder plants, Knowledge management, Grass, Grassland management, Sustainable agriculture.