Jane Scotter

Jane Scotter


Jane has been farming and growing at her biodynamic farm, Fern Verrow in Herefordshire for nearly 30 years. Fern Verrow grows exclusively for Skye Gyngell and her restaurant London Spring. For the past few years she has also been assisting Heckfield Home Farm with their Market Garden, which supplies the luxury hotel Heckfield Place with seasonal biodynamic produce and flowers. She currently splits her time between Fern Verrow and Heckfield where she is the Head Market Gardener.

How to Feed Your Soils Biologically

Discussion Tent

A panel discussing how to feed your soils biologically – looking at Climate Compost with The Land Gardeners, bokashi with Andrew Sincock from Agriton, brewing microbes with Jeff Allen from Microbz, using microscopes on farm with Tom Fairfax, Mindrum Estate Northumberland and farming biodynamically with Jane Scotter, Fern Verrow.