Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen


With his wife Sue, Jeff is co-founder and director of Microbz and VisionWorks Life Skills. Born on a farm in northwestern Kenya, Jeff formed an early and powerful connection to the land and the wildlife of Africa before settling in England. In 2008, Jeff travelled with a philanthropist to US, Europe and Australia in search of environmental solutions, and encountered microbial technology in agriculture in Austria and Germany. Jeff has pioneered fermenting microbes with herbs and minerals, initially to support personal and family health challenges, and established the brewery at Microbz HQ in Wiltshire. He is fascinated by the world of microbes and dedicated to scaling up microbial solutions for agriculture.

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Stephen Ware, BBC Food & Farming Awards 2021 Farming for the Future finalist and Nuffield Scholar (farming) 2011 will be in conversation with Jeff Allen, founder of Microbz. Stephen, a mixed poultry and fruit farmer in Herefordshire, is passionately determined to find a solution to the minimum 150,000 tonnes of chicken litter that is being […]