Jennifer Brodie

Jennifer Brodie


An Aberdeen University Zoology Honours Degree graduate, Jennifer is daughter of a Scottish Highland Estates factor.   She was a Member of Scottish Environmental Protection Agency North Board for 8 years and secured best 2003 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship for researching European composting and waste management.   For 15 years she has developed and promoted freshly crushed, finely screened, 360 million year old volcanic rock dust from selected Scottish Quarries.  In 2014 she set up REMIN (Scotland) Ltd which provides award winning, organically approved REMIN volcanic rock dust for UK and export.  She is convinced that this product has exceptional unrealised potential.

Microbes and Minerals

Old Dairy

Forget high tech equipment, expensive fertilisers and specialist seed selection. On a back to basics approach Jennifer and Glyn are convinced we are missing a trick for our soil. Jennifer outlines her 15 years’ of adding UK’s own ancient MINERAL (full suite of 17) rich freshly crushed, finely screened volcanic rock dust to soil. Glyn […]