Jenny Andersson

Jenny Andersson


Jenny is a regenerative practitioner, strategist and agent for change who walks side by side with brands, organisations, cities and municipalities who want to be part of the movement to create a new regenerative economy. As a strategist, facilitator and educator, she harness the power of the collective intelligence of organisations and communities to create visions for the future they want – together – and find the vitalising energy, psychological safety and will to sustain long term change. Jenny cares deeply about healing the story of separation between humanity and nature, and between humans themselves through divisive cultural, social and economic barriers.

Fashion is Agriculture: Field, Farm & Fashion/ Wool

Speaker's Corner

A discussion on the opportunities for integrating fully traceable breed specific British wool into a diverse farming landscape. Highlighting the possibilities for regenerative farming principles to be carried from field to fabric; emphasising fully traceable supply chains that focus on empowering the farmers, makers and users through re-educating and reconnecting the material journey. By showcasing […]