Jerry Alford

Jerry Alford


Jerry has experience in arable and mixed farming having run the family farm in Devon for 25 years. The farm was initially a dairy farm eventually converting to organic and being run as a beef, sheep and arable unit. At the same time he converted a range of farm buildings into a holiday cottage complex, was chairman of a local farmer owned co-op grain store and became involved in the grain supply chain nationally.

Jerry is interested in a systems approach to farming, and looks at farms as a whole system rather than a just a mix of enterprises or a series of crops in rotation. He is also looking at options to reduce cultivations within organic rotations and the adoption of more agroecological and organic type systems in non-organic farms.

Intercropping – Practical Lessons

Old Dairy Tent

Intercropping (also known as bi-cropping, Polycropping, companion cropping) involves the growing of two or more crops together, driven by an understanding that plant diversity is the real driver of soil recovery and soil health. Intercropping has been shown to improve soil’s resilience to stresses, reduce the need for synthetic fertilisers and increase biodiversity. Yet it […]