Jim Aplin

Jim Aplin


Jim has been a grower since 2000. He runs Hotchpotch Organics near Pershore with his partner, growing 1 Ha of mixed veg and flowers on a larger mixed organic farm, and selling mainly through Stroud Farmers’ market. He is preparing to establish 40 acres of agroforestry on a new site, and is interested in different ways that growers and farmers can work together, including providing opportunities and support for new entrants.

Integrating Horticulture As Integral Part Of A Regenerative Farming System

Barenbrug Grass Tent

The National Food Strategy has called for an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption, meanwhile there are calls for rewetting the highly productive fenland soils. The Organic Market Continues to grow offering new market opportunities, while vegetable production can add to the diversity of regenerative farming systems and provide opportunities for new entrants. How can […]