Joya Berrow

Joya Berrow


Joya Berrow is a Storyteller working in film and photography. Her stories shed light on the strength of community environmentalism, marginalised voices and undervalued guardians of the earth. Challenging the way we reframe conversations around our relationship to the natural world and telling stories that connect us to people and the planet.
She directs in a female duo, they are award winning documentary & commercial directors, whose work has been broadcast by National Geographic, Guardian, Sky Atlantic, Nowness, Real Stories, VICE, WSL, BFI and Red Bull Media House.
Notably known for their creative craft directing authentic human stories with impactful narratives. Focused on climate justice, land and ocean regeneration, extreme sports and amplifying marginalised voices in the climate movement.

The Power of Stories To Create Change

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Stories have shaped our perception of the world around us since time began. At their best, they can challenge us to consider new perspectives, reaffirm the ones we already have or introduce us to completely new ideas. As more and more people become interested in regenerative farming and those behind it, how can we invite […]