Julie Baber

Julie Baber


Julie Baber runs Pigsmoor Farm in Somerset, where she raises pedigree sheep for wool, meat, and breeding stock. She is interested in the whole life cycle of sheep and fleece, from lambing, through shearing and wool rolling, to processing fleece to yarn and other products. At the end of the life cycle, she is interested in wool as a fully biodegradable material and alternative to unsustainable and polluting synthetics. Julie believes that for sheep farming to become truly sustainable, wool needs to be reinstated as a co-product with meat instead of being seen as a by-product. She is part of a loosely connected but growing movement to develop British markets for British wool. While she campaigns and writes on farming and wool related issues, she is at heart a hands-on farmer, spinner and knitter.

Working with Wool: Demonstration & Skill-Sharing

Grass Tent

This will be an informal drop-in space where you can bring your own wool project or try your hand at a range of wool-based skills such as spinning, weaving, carding or knitting. Come and relax after a busy day of talks and meet like-minded people or learn a new skill. If you have a wool […]

Drop-in Session