Kate Bannister

Kate Bannister


Kate’s role at the NFU is to translate the net zero by 2040 ambition into action on the ground. The approach has three strands: policy support, bringing together expertise both internally and liaising with stakeholders, and to communicate the ambition to membership. She recently oversaw the development of the Sector Resilience Plans, launched at the NFU conference in February. Each plan outlines initial priority areas where we need policy support and where the low-carbon opportunities for our members lie.

Kate’s background is in communications and engagement with a strong emphasis on relationship and project management. She is focused on the environment with roles at an environmental investment company and prior to that in comms.

Agriculture & Climate Change…Who is Responsible for What?

Speaker's Corner

With all the flack being chucked at farming for being responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions, our panel delves into the truth behind some of these figures