Katie Allen

Katie Allen


Katie Allen is a sheep and cattle farmer based in Gloucestershire running a Pasture for Life certified livestock system under organic conversion, which encompasses regenerative practices and conservation grazing with native breed cattle and sheep. She is passionate about connecting more people with the reality that clothes come from farming, just like food. In 2021 she graduated from Bath University with a Masters Degree in Fashion and Textile Design, launching a knitwear collection handmade using the fleeces from her flock. Her work is currently stocked at Liberty in London, and has won multiple awards from the Royal Society of Arts, Bradford Textiles Society and the Devon Guild of Craftsman as well as achieving South West England Fibreshed accreditation.

Passionate about giving farmers a voice in discussions around sustainable fashion, Katie is launching her new podcast ‘Ground to Garment’ at Groundswell this year. The podcast will facilitate conversations that reconnect fashion and farming, exploring a healthy, regenerative model for textiles from the soil up.

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Breakout Tent

Shepherdess, designer and machine knitter Katie Allen (Loopy Ewes) hosts a fireside discussion with Beki Gilbert (Natural Fibre Company) and Juliet Bailey (Bristol Weaving Mill), two key processing facilities for natural fibre in the country. In what will also be an inaugural conversation to feature in her upcoming podcast on farming and fibre, Katie will […]