Dr. Lindsay Whistance

Dr. Lindsay Whistance


Dr. Lindsay Whistance is a Senior Livestock Researcher at the Organic Research Centre. She has been working in animal behaviour, health and welfare research since 2003. Her interests include human-animal relationships and the role that diverse, species-rich environments play in offering good welfare conditions as well as food and medicine for domestic animals. Her current research activities include investigating the nutritional benefits of tree fodder including vitamin, mineral and tannin content.

The Value of Silvopasture in Your Livestock Systems

Fungi Tent

Silvopasture is an ancient practice that integrates trees and pasture into a single system for raising livestock. Research suggests silvopasture is the most effective climate change mitigation solution of all agricultural strategies (Project Drawdown). However, there are also animal welfare and productivity benefits through the provision of shelter, shade and as a valuable source of […]