Liz Mumcuoglu

Liz Mumcuoglu


Liz is Co-founder and owner of Trevibban Mill Vineyard and Orchards, Cornwall.

After a career as a Medical Physicist, Liz purchased the ruined Trevibban Mill in 2007 along with 25 acres of unproductive farmland and woodland initially to renovate as a second home. Planted the vineyard in 2008, and in 2010 began planting apple, chestnut and walnut orchards. Trevibban Mill is farmed under Organic principles, using regenerative practices. There is a small flock of Southdown sheep to graze the vineyard and orchards.

Liz is also responsible for the planting around the Winery building which is inspired by naturalistic gardening schemes.

From Ground to Grape to Glass

Discussion Tent

Regenerative viticulture is about achieving balance in the vineyard and ecosystem – but the business also needs to balanced, and it’s critical to have a market for the grapes. This is a conversation with regenerative wine growers, producers, and traders – from ground to grape to grass.