Lizzie Rivera

Lizzie Rivera


Lizzie Rivera is the founder of ethical lifestyle website Live Frankly. She is a journalist with a decade’s worth of experience and has been focused on food sustainability since 2014. Lizzie works to dispel greenwashing myths and help bring fringe ideas to a mainstream audience. She’s a Londoner born-and-bred but if you can forgive her for this you’ll find someone who’s passionate about regenerative agriculture and open to talk about soil fertility and dung beetles. She’ll probably be the one in ankle wellies. If she wanted to always fit in, she wouldn’t be here, she’d be in some restaurant photographing a plate of food and saying how pretty it looks. #Nom.

The Rise of Regenerative Agriculture: How & Why a Farming Movement Has Caught the Imaginations of Chefs & Consumers

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Regenerative Agriculture is capturing people’s attention in all areas of life, from food to fashion. So, what’s the secret of its appeal? How do we build on this success? & How do we take people on a journey of truly understanding what’s at its core – and ensure the principles are not co-opted, or diluted, […]