Marcus Link

Marcus Link


Marcus Link is co-founder and collaborative CEO of New Foundation Farms, a start-up company with the mission to transform the world of food and farming with a radical natural approach they call deep regeneration focused on the health of land, food and finances. Their modelling software CowHow allows them to plan for the integration of significant enterprise stacks for profitability and land regeneration.  Marcus is a deep systems thinker with a strong entrepreneurial drive. In establishing New Foundation Farms, he co-authored Farming Smarter: the case for agroecological enterprise, a substantial research paper on the financial and ecological potential of agroecological approaches published by the Food, Farming & Countryside Commission. Previously, he developed and scaled an organic meat box scheme for Riverford.

Farming Regeneratively & Profitably

Grass Tent

The primary driver of any farm business should be profit, right? This expert panel will offer a business masterclass in creating and running a profitable farm business featuring case studies of profit-focussed regenerative business models. It will cover top tips on managing the transition to agroecological farming and how different regenerative enterprise structures can be […]