Mark Mulligan

Mark Mulligan


Mark Mulligan is Head of Geography, Kings College London, and honorary fellow at the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC). His research field includes the development and application of spatial policy support systems for agriculture, land use change and climate change impacts on water and ecosystems.  He has 30 years experience of ecosystem services mapping and environmental monitoring and is committed to science in the service of society and has thus focused (collaboratively with farmers and policy makers) on making his research results available through decision support tools, web-based modelling tools and data distribution systems.

His open source designs for environmental monitoring are available at

Low cost, open-data & DIY approaches to assessing the public goods provided by your land

Conference Barn

Affinity Water hosted session with Sophia Burke and Mark Mulligan. Practical workshop to highlight how to make your own weather stations and soil sensors to provide you with real-time field data.