Martin Gott

Martin Gott


Since 2006, Martin has been the tenant farmer at Holker Farm in Cumbria. From the tender age of 24 he and his partner Nicola have developed a herd of milking sheep for cheese production; a move that Martin still describes as his worst ever financial decision! Having witnessed the decimation of independent food retailers and an entire food culture with it, Martin then opened and ran a cheese shop; Cartmel Cheeses before turning his full attention back to cheese making in 2016. He received a Nuffield Scholarship in 2018, which took him to the farming and cheese system of the USA.

Regen Cheese: How Can the Cheese Community Best Transition to Regenerative Agriculture?

Breakout Tent

A discussion across cheesemongers, farmers, artisans and larger processors about the challenges and opportunities for the nation’s favourite soured milk products. Looking at the practical elements for dairy farmers, through the end purchaser’s relationship with the themes of regen ag.