Martin Lines

Martin Lines


Martin is an arable farmer and contractor in South Cambridgeshire, His special interest is in farm conservation management, and he currently runs ELS and HLS and Countryside Stewardship schemes on land he manages.

Martin is Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network UK and looks to sharing best practices and demonstrating what can be accomplished for nature and the environment while producing great produce. With the demands of climate change, reaching Net Zero is even more important and Martin wants to champion how this can be achieved through nature friendly farming whilst supporting and help to maintain profitable farming businesses.

ELMs – Where Are We Now? And Where Do We Need To Be?

Breakout Tent

The past few years with ELMs have not been an easy ride, with delays, mistakes and changes to the various schemes. Despite these stumbling blocks, ambitious agri-environmental schemes have the potential to help transform our landscape into one which delivers for nature and for farmers. We speak to farmers and experts in order to understand […]