Martin Lines

Martin Lines


Martin is a farmer and contractor in South Cambridgeshire, growing mainly arable crops on his family farm and rented land. He has a special interest in farm conservation management, currently running an ELS and HLS agreement and has applied for Countryside Stewardship schemes on the land that he rents. He also supports the delivery of Stewardship Schemes for a number of other farmers. Martin is the NFFN UK steering group chair and hopes to see the network grow with like-minded farmers and land managers who will work together, sharing best practices and demonstrating what can be accomplished for nature while producing great produce.

Can we farm without insecticides?

Agricology Discussion Tent

Cutting Pesticide Use to Help Wildlife?. Pesticide use is a key factor behind wildlife decline. The UK is committed to prioritising Integrated Pest Management for pest and disease control, but consultation with farmers reveals why this isn’t happening in practice. What support do farmers need to switch to non-chemical methods? How can individual farmers make […]


Why Farming with the Environment is the way Forward

Old Dairy

Martin Lines UK Chair Nature Friendly Farming Network explains what is the Nature Friendly Farming Network and why farming with nature is the most productive and profitable way to farm.