Matt Aidley

Matt Aidley


Matt farms with his family in Cheshire, where they produce Dairy, Beef and Eggs. All produce is sold directly to customers under the name HILL FARM REAL FOOD. Their focus is to sell high quality human nutrition, whilst delivering animal welfare and ecological benefits. The farm is managed organically, holistic planned grazing is utilised, and a zero-medication policy is in place for all livestock. The cattle are 100% grass-fed and certified by Pasture for Life.

Meanwhile the pastured laying hens range out from mobile structures and are protected from predators by Maremma guardian dogs. Matt is also passionate about breeding better livestock – aiming for cattle and poultry that are resilient, dual purpose and adapted to a regenerative farming system.

Pastured Poultry 101

Old Dairy Tent

Come and hear from some early practitioners in the pastured poultry world, trialing and adapting novel methods to suit their farming system and a hostile regulatory environment. We’ll hear about poultry following stock in rotations, at the margins of farming operations in a more permacultural set up, as well as integration with market gardening operations. […]