Matt Elliott

Matt Elliott


Matt is a new entrant farmer with no prior connection to farming – you would have found him sat behind a desk in Bristol 10 years ago – now with his wife Laura they are tenants of the National Trust farming 190 acres in the Cotswolds. Aiming to keep the farm small, productive, profitable and agroecologically focused – mob grazing and bale grazing for cattle health, biodiversity and soil health. They have a Pasture For Life certified herd of Hereford Cattle, ‘The Sandy Hill Mob’, also a (very) small flock of sheep and recently started experimenting with pastured laying hens following the cattle as well as developing a small horticultural enterprise.  They are finishing and direct selling all animals locally through their own box scheme and at a farmers market. Matt is also Regional Facilitator for Pasture For Life in the Cotswolds and Chilterns.

Next Gen Regen

Discussion Tent

Whilst agroecological farming practices are gaining traction they are not being adopted at the required rate to effectively reduce the environmental degradation we see connected to our farming landscape. This session will see farmers, growers and researchers discuss the issues and barriers being faced in educating existing and next generational farmers. They will highlight grassroots […]