Matthew Agarwala

Matthew Agarwala


Matthew Agarwala leads the Bennett Institute for Public Policy’s Wealth Economy project at the University of Cambridge and is a member of The Productivity Institute. His research interests include wealth accounting, natural and social capital, economic measurement, green finance, productivity, and the economics of wellbeing.

Matthew’s work spans sectors and disciplines, with co-authors including ecologists, conservationists, social anthropologists, civil servants, members of UK Parliament, and Nobel Laureates in peace, medicine, physics, and chemistry. Matthew works closely with the UN, World Bank, central banks, finance ministries, and investor groups to highlight nature related financial risks.

He is a regular media contributor (Bloomberg, NY Times, FT, Guardian, Times, Channel 4 News, BBC Radio).

Natural Capital Unchartered Waters

Agricology Discussion Tent

Matthew Agarwala chairs a discussion on natural capital, hearing from one company that provides the software and support to measure, develop and sell carbon removal credits to corporate buyers. We also delve into the wider implications of natural capital markets and the challenges of the race to net zero. There’s plenty of time for audience […]