Michael Marriage

Michael Marriage


Michael comes from a long family line of farmers and millers. He has worked in many countries around the world, especially in Africa for Oxfam. This wide experience led him to explore different types of agriculture and become interested in systems for the production of food.

Michael converted the family farm to organic agriculture in 1978 and set up his own specialty flour milling company, Doves Farm Foods Ltd. Originally  processing the grain grown on the farm, the company now buys a range of different grains from the UK and overseas, supplying their well-known brands of flour, biscuits and cereals to bakers, food manufacturers, the retail market and exporting to 26 countries.

Michael has a passion for grains and flour processing as well as a keen interest in growing ancient types of wheat. He enjoys visiting farmers and attending grain conferences around the world, adding to his overview of the food chain.

He has sat on Soil Association committees for organic agricultural standards and on the Ethical Trade Committee and was a founder member of British Organic Farmers.