Nathan Morris

Nathan Morris


Nathan Morris graduated in 2008 with a PhD in Plant Sciences from the University of Reading looking at establishing arable crops in UK cereal stubbles using strip tillage. Nathan now works at NIAB TAG as the Farming Systems and Soils Specialist. He is actively involved in their knowledge exchange and farmer training activities. Nathan’s particular interests and expertise include farming systems and impacts on soil structure and fertility whilst maintaining crop productivity. Nathan is a full member of the British Soil Science Society, International Soil Tillage Research Organisation and International Fertiliser Society and is a fully FACTS trained advisor.

Long-Term Outcomes of Direct Drilling on Soil Properties & Weed Populations

Seminar Tent

NIAB has been investigating the changes in soil properties and weed populations under contrasting tillage management for over ten years. This gives a unique opportunity to discuss the changes observed when a high clay content soil is put under no-till management, in comparison to continuing the practice of high intensity tillage operations. We will discuss […]