Nathaniel Loxley

Nathaniel Loxley


Nathaniel is an experienced hemp grower and business owner involved in the development of innovative products and developing market opportunities.

His role in the BHA is coordinating research projects, including the Innovative Farmer x BHA field lab in which farmer members within the Alliance are actively measuring and monitoring the effect of hemp cultivation on soil health, carbon sequestration and biodiversity. This project is ongoing until the end of 2023 and aims to develop a standardized methodology to roll out to the wider hemp growing community. Whilst hemp is scheduled as a narcotic, we are very restricted, but by gathering real tangible data on the impact of growing the crop, we can argue for the inclusion of hemp as an agricultural crop and recognition within the ELMS.

How Do We Enhance The Domestic Supply Chain For Hemp Whilst Measuring & Recording The Environmental Impact?

Barenbrug Grass Tent

Hemp is experiencing a global renaissance. Governments and industry are waking up to its positive impacts and uses in textiles, construction, food and more. It is an environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural crop that could provide a solution to many of the UK challenges in this modern landscape. But there are various barriers to a […]