Nick Jeffries

Nick Jeffries


Nick is a senior expert at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which has a mission to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Since 2017, Nick has been part of the Foundation’s food initiative, working with individuals and organisations from across the food industry in different regions of the world, to better understand how circular economy thinking can contribute to a positive food system transformation. Nick is a professional environmental engineer, lives on the Isle of Wight and is in the process of developing his own 20-acre agroforestry project.

Transitioning to the Circular Economy

NIAB Seminar Tent

In recent years, the circular economy has been embraced by businesses, policymakers and other economic actors all around the world, as a framework to create better prosperity and address big global challenges. In this talk, Nick Jeffries, a senior expert at the Ellen Macarthur Foundation will give an introduction to the circular economy and describe how […]


Film – Regenerative Farming and the Circular Economy in East Africa

Big Top

How does the idea of regenerative and circular food systems map onto the East African context? In this session Nick Jeffries will show five short films from Kenya and Uganda that he produced with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation. The films will demonstrate how regenerative farming, on-farm processing and ‘waste valorisation’, can support economic growth and […]