Nick Reed-Beale

Nick Reed-Beale


Nick Reed-Beale is the Woodland Trusts, UK Operations Manager – Wildlife, he works across the UK to support all aspects of wildlife management, ensuring the Trust is working to best practices and following an evidence-based approach to appropriate wildlife management, through to informing policy and position and working with partners including UK Gov and other eNGO’s to best ensure we are engaged and working at landscape scale where possible. Nick is also involved with our work to protect priority species as our woodland conservation work is delivered. With a background in conservation, and the security sector spanning 30 years Nick has been lucky enough to work across the globe in support of woodland and species conservation and protection.

Managing Farm Woodlands

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Join a walk to a woodland on Lannock Farm, Groundswell; discover some of the key areas for consideration when bringing a farm woodland back into management. Together with advisors from the Woodland Trust, we will talk through the condition of the wood, identify any threats and constraints, solutions and opportunities integrating into the farm business. […]