Nick Wall

Nick Wall

Farming numbers have never been more of a balancing act. And the environmental challenges we face as farmers are ever increasing.

Our crops are worth more than ever, but the cost of growing them has more than doubled as well. There are still good profits in your crops, however with 18 months between sowing and getting paid, the soaring input prices have left you with an eye watering amount of money tied up in your farm. Money that’s at risk.

All this is before you have to think about the impact of farming methods on the environment, and indeed the impact of the changing climate is having on our business’s profits. Of course we all want to do better, but it’s not easy with these additional pressures.

More and more farmers are looking for a better way. Something which doesn’t feel like they’re betting the farm with each crop cycle, and which lets them do the best for the land they love.

I believe that regenerative farming practices enable us to improve soil resilience and biodiversity, And maybe more importantly, these practices enable us to step away from the burden of ever increasing costs driven by the fertiliser, machinery  and pesticide manufacturers.

I am able to help my clients develop and progress a system of regenerative agriculture suited to their individual situation; Whether you want to ‘dip a toe into the water’ or are unsure how a more regenerative method of farming could fit with yourselves and your farming system. Or, you may be an established exponent of regenerative farming and would like a sounding board for new ideas, I can help and guide you through the process.

I am an Independent Agronomist working in the South of England. I currently offer help and advice to my clients on all aspects soil health, crop establishment and nutrition to farm in a more environmentally sympathetic way but maintaining farm profitability at the same time.

Having been involved in all aspects of the farming industry over the past 35 years, I don’t think I have felt more excited about the opportunities and prospects within UK Agriculture than today. I would be delighted to help you and your business develop new skills to make the most of these opportunities.