Nicolas Verschuere

Nicolas Verschuere


Nicolas is 45 years old, born and based in Belgium.
With a background in bio-engineering, Nicolas has 20 years of experience in large-scale farming project management in various parts of the world, advising on fruit, grain, vegetables, sugar beet and cane production. He is an expert in regenerative agriculture.
In 2009, he founded GreenFarm in Belgium (, a farming consulting and contracting company, advising on soil conservation and managing agricultural properties.
In 2013, Nicolas co-founded and still holds the position as Chief Operating Officer of Soil Capital (, providing large-scale farming management and consulting based on soil regeneration, in Europe, Africa, South America and Australia. Soil Capital is currently active on more than 100.000 acres. In addition, he worked as Chief Operating Officer in the Fruit Farm Group ( for a few years.

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