Nigel Franklin

Nigel Franklin


Nigel farms in partnership with his wife, Penny in Surrey on 150 acres of permanent pasture running a small herd of Black Baldy cattle, finishing 30-40 head/year under Pasture For life certification. All sold direct through the small farm shop, farmers markets and to butchers. They also run a small number of rare breed pigs, pastured laying hens and table birds. Nigel has come to farming in the last 5 years having worked previously in the event branding sector for many years. He now also works as Supply Chain Manager for Pasture For Life.


Grass Finishing Sheep & Cattle

Speaker's Corner

What do butchers expect from the carcases they buy? How do farmers deliver the right product to their customers? What are farmers doing to manage their grazing and get the right compromises between quality and quantity of forage?