Dr Nigel Kendall

Dr Nigel Kendall


Dr Nigel Kendall is from a mixed family farm in Devon and went to University of Leeds to study for a BSc(hons) in Animal Science and then stayed for a PhD in the area of trace element nutrition.  After some post-doc work at Leeds, he moved to Nottingham and worked on nutritional interactions with reproduction before taking up his current position as Lecturer in Nutrition at the new School of Veterinary Medicine and Science where he runs a nutritional veterinary diagnostic service and continues to research in animal nutrition and production.  Recently much of this work has looked at the trace element supplementation and management of grazing sheep, including recently the use of trees.

The Value of Silvopasture in Your Livestock Systems

Fungi Tent

Silvopasture is an ancient practice that integrates trees and pasture into a single system for raising livestock. Research suggests silvopasture is the most effective climate change mitigation solution of all agricultural strategies (Project Drawdown). However, there are also animal welfare and productivity benefits through the provision of shelter, shade and as a valuable source of […]