Patrick McKenna

Patrick McKenna


Patrick McKenna was initially trained in botany but moved into the agricultural sciences following a spell working on a farm in Kent. He received his PhD in agronomy in 2017 from the Royal Agricultural University and then took up a position in the University of Leeds studying wastewater-derived fertilizers. He then came to NIAB to work on some BBRSC-funded trials looking at species-rich leys and their effects on soil quality. At NIAB his research interests primarily include diversity in agriculture, it’s effect on nitrogen fixation in forage legumes, and the accumulation of aggregate-bound soil organic carbon in ley systems.

Tilling Your Cover or Complex Ley; Relative Merits of Strategies

NIAB Seminar Tent

As part of their long-term soil improvement, many farmers have successfully integrated winter cover crops into their rotation. Some have the long term aim to minimise or even eliminate exposure of bare soil at any time throughout the year. Others have taken this theme a step further and have introduced longer term use of cover […]